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Benefits of the Bible Institutes Curriculum

Bible Institutes.org offers professionally prepared curriculum for your church adult education classes. The courses are reasonably priced. Each course includes a student text and a student workbook. The student completes the workbook between sessions and submits for grading.

Bible Institutes.org is not a "book-seller". We provide curriculum designed to educate students in the Bible and equip them for ministry. 

Compare the value of our full spectrum curriculum against the typical "small group discussion book" and you'll appreciate the value!

A.    Leadership training program:

Bible Institutes has biblical training for Sunday School teachers, secretaries, Adult teachers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Elders, Deacons, Ministry leaders, Christian school teachers and administrators.

“if you want to lead here we ask that you get continuing Bible Ed credits on a regular basis – i.e. we need to see that you are growing.”

B.    Discipleship training: If your church does not have an intentional program, the Bible Institutes will assist the pastor. All courses are already prepared for the pastor and are prepared by a trusted education partner.

C.    Aids in the growth of the church (numbers and spiritual): The early Pentecost church grew because the gospel was being preached with power and the Lord was adding to their numbers each day. Undoubtedly people that were added to the church were bringing their friends. Likewise, we must study to be approved workmen and the church will see new evangelism efforts born.

D.    Empowers the great commission: New ministries and missions efforts will be born out of people who are increasingly saturated with God’s word.

There's More!!!

Your community bible students may also enroll with Patriot Bible grad University to pursue a Bible college degree.

Your community bible students may receive full credit toward an undergraduate degree from Patriot Bible University for courses with a grade of "C" or better. Even graduate students can receive partial credit for their coursework.

In order to receive credit toward a degree, your community bible students simply submit their completed workbook.

Excellent Resource For Small Groups

It is always an overwhelming challenge to find just the right study for your church small group or your outreach small group. With PBU as your training partner, you have just one source you need to consult. You can give us the general topic for the study and we can suggest a few specific courses. From there, you can order online or by telephone. An added bonus for your students is the option of continuing on to a Bible degree.

We make it simple for you!  Contact us for your next small group study.


Quantity discount pricing makes this high quality program affordable.


Bible Institutes
1135 French St.
Del Norte, CO

719) 657-3330


BibleInstitutes.org is an outlet of www.pbipublications.com  and missions program of www.patriotuniversity.org