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How to begin

   Enroll your church by ordering the Charter Starter kit: ORDER

  • The Charter Starter Kit will register your church and authorize you to purchase course materials with bulk discount pricing.
  • The Class Starter Kit is available for a reduced price for churches who have an existing school and do not need the Launch Kit.

  Review the launch kit and become familiar with the details.

  Preparation and promotion of your institute using the forms 
      included in the launch kit and the PowerPoint™ presentation CD.

  • decide on class schedules
  • choose which topics you will start with

  Enroll your students and setup student records using the forms 
      included in the launch kit.

>> Now You Are Ready To Begin.

Why begin...

At last, your church can have its own dynamic Bible institute ministry where you can...

  • Offer your church members a deeper knowledge of the Bible as they develop ministry skills to use in your church
  • Train church (and Christian school) staff, enabling them to earn a Bible college degree without leaving your local ministry
  • Supply user-friendly, Biblically-based curriculum that takes the student through practical, step-by-step learning procedures designed to fit even ther busiest schedule
  • Partner with Patriot Bible University to grant degrees that will enhance credibility and build confidence
  • Provide tremendous value at a price that now makes quality Christian education affordable to any adult
  • Tailor the direction of your Bible courses to match your local ministry emphasis

Nearly 25 years in development, this program now makes it possible for your ready-to-go Bible institute to be up and running within a few weeks.



Quantity discount pricing makes this high quality program affordable.


Bible Institutes
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