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What people have to say about Bible Institutes 

Our church has offered these classes for more than 20 years, and we believe you will benefit from them as we have. Help your teachers to get their degree, train your own preachers, develop spiritual leadership in your deacons...all through your own Bible Institute.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider this opportunity!

Pastor Wayne Knight
Hilltop Baptist Church
Colorado Springs, CO

Folks Love These Courses...

A Christian School Teacher from Maine writes:

"I am thoroughly enjoying the courses. Even in the busiest month of the school year, I have found that the courses are not a burden, but a blessing. The information is practical and usable. I am using some of the resources at our Christian school."

A rural church pastor writes:

"I appreciate having a choice of solid Biblical teaching subjects with the lesson plans and administration already designed. We are battling the lost art of disciple making and these courses help us to do what the Lord Jesus instructed - make disciples."

Dr. Lonnie Skinner wants you to know:

"I've prepared this institute system to be compatible with church life. Having been a pastor for over 35 years and having used this system, I have first-hand experience in the issues the pastor faces in starting a systematic teaching of the bible."



Quantity discount pricing makes this high quality program affordable.


Bible Institutes
1135 French St.
Del Norte, CO

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